Competitive pressure, OEM vehicle pricing policies, and Internet vehicle comparison shopping have made things challenging for dealers, not to mention being responsible for shrinking margins. dealerCor puts the Auto Dealer back in the driver’s seat and offers the ability to become their own insurance agency. This provides a higher level of service to customers, expands the depth of benefits for employees, and generates new sources of revenue.

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Why It Works?

Lost Sales
The average dealership sells 30% of the showroom traffic. What would increasing that by 5-10% more mean to your dealership? You can do it with an insurance program.

Residual Income
In addition to selling more vehicles, you now have a residual income source that never stops growing, much like a reinsurance program. Get them in the door and keep them forever.

Subprime Deals
Subprime deals are delicate and very profitable when you can get them. We specialize in spot-delivery and subprime insurance to help you get more vehicles delivered.

Why own an agency?

Helping thousands of clients save money each year on insurance translates to residual income and incredible value over time as an agency owner. In the car business you start every month over at ZERO but in the insurance business you compound your clients each month for a lifetime and that equals serious returns. Ask for a Proforma to see exactly how much potential your dealership has.

Another HUGE benefit to agency ownership is placing your controlled business through your agency. You are paying thousands of dollars in commission to your broker that you could be paying your agency and it may not require changing ANY of your existing programs to make the switch. Click here to find out more.

Personal Lines

Give your clients the value they want and need when it comes to covering their autos, home, life, and other possessions.

Commercial Lines

These programs provide general liability coverage, protects business property, covers bonding, and professional liability.

Health & Employee Benefits

Taking care of employees with comprehensive health insurance program retains employees & builds loyalty.

HR & Payroll Services

Managing Human Resources and Payroll Services can be daunting, Our process simplifies these areas for dealers.

401 K Programs

Helping employees plan for their financial future pays dividends every day in higher morale and employee stability.

Additional Buying Power

It’s simple, give your clients more to spend on their vehicle and they will. You win and so do they.

Every program is designed to run through your agency thereby changing the service from a commodity to a partnership. Why not pay yourself when you own an agency?